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 Rulecharter - read immidiately! (english version)

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PostSubject: Rulecharter - read immidiately! (english version)   Sun Jul 08, 2007 6:23 pm

We are a Kinship in Middle Earth, and we are composed mainly by Scandinavian players. We have the following ruleset:

    Our goal is to get more friends from Norway, Denmark & Sweden (and from other places around the globe where nice people abode). To achive this, please adhere to the following:

    1. Always be polite! If you need to reject someone, do so in a polite manner. Never be coarse, or use sexually explicit words in Kin- or Fellowship chat. Remember - we have people under 18 and 16 years of age in our kinship.

    2. Try to team as much as possible with other Grand Moot members! Feel free to start teams and invite us and start up conversations. Pay attention if anybody needs your help. Get to know your family. It is close to obligatory to have Voice Chat enabled in Grand Moot fellowships. Even if you dont have a microphone you can still hear the others talking. If you need a bit of quiet, and prefer to have your voice turned off, you should just say so Smile

    3. We want to stand apart from the other kinships in Middle Earth; we want to achieve this precisely by being very kind, polite, helpful and not least - Socialable!

    4. Do remember to say "Hello" when you log in! If you dont feel like socializing today, say something to that extent in the kinship chat so you dont become a totally invisible member. None likes a cold kinship. Do reply to others saying hello, so they dont end up talking to themselves.

    5. Do not talk about money in the kinship chat! No begging, and do trades in private tells instead.

    6. The official languages of Grand Moot are Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and English. We speak Scandinavian in voice chat unless there are people present that dont understand. In those circumstances we switch to English. Be aware though that being an Englishman in the Grand Moot might be closer to Sting's song than what you'd like... We want you to feel at home with us, but we hope you accept that we speak alot of gibberish Wink

    7. We do not recruit new members blindly! If the person who wants to join is Scandinavian, he or she may join after an interview. If not, the person needs to be a friend of yours that you vouch for. We only invite english speaking players if they are personal friends of a member, and they understand that we speak Scandinavian in the kinchat.

    8. Do not loot during battle! Wait untill after the fight, and then always click "Greed" unless you actually NEED the item (for use, not to sell). If you still need a few levels untill you can equip the item, you must ask in fellowship chat if it is alright that you click "Need".

    9. Everybody must register on the Forums! Use the forums daily or at least every time you're online. You need to be logged in minimum 1 time every 14 days to prevent being expelled.

    Violations of these rules will results in warnings. After numerous offenses you will be evicted from the Grand Moot. Extreme violations will result in immidate evictions. Inaktivity over 1 month will result in automatic evictions from the guild.

    We wish you the best of times in Middle Earth, and look forward to seeing you in-game!

    Swaniel / Tatertom

Yours Truly,
(aka Swaniel, the Minstrel)
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Rulecharter - read immidiately! (english version)
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